The Economic Freedom Fighters

The Economic Freedom fighters The Economic Freedom fighters. Yes Julius Malema’s brainchild which was somewhat formed during the last march to freedom held at his very last walk as ANCYL presidential leader from Johannesburg to the union buildings in Pretoria.…

South African State of the Nation address 2015

Jacob Zuma Delivering his inauguration speech.

There is exactly 400 seats in the South African parliament. Whilst the African National Congress holds most of those seats at 249, other parties are slowly encroaching on their market share. Tonight though, Jacob delivers the South African State of the…


KHABONINAS 14TH ANNUAL BIRTHDAYSHOW Hello Mzansi! Where were you this weekend? Mzansi-CNX went through to KHABONINAS 14TH ANNUAL BIRTHDAYSHOW. If you’re familiar with her TV show dubbed Spina Guluva via eKasi+ channel 105 on OpenView HD, then you know the kind of vibe…

Racist Guy Says “Kaffir” & Gets Knocked Out

Racist Guy Says “Kaffir” & Gets Knocked Out

This is the kind of man I believe deserves a heroes send off. Apparently two black dudes were standing behind the white men as he was using an ATM but was taking too long. The black guys asked him to hurry up, so he responded saying “You dirty black kaffirs”. At this point the black guy lost it as soon as the racist guy says “Kaffir”, the black man had him on the floor via two feet and soon after, he was knocked out as he met the black man’s sexy white carvela, cheek first.

Here’s the video that will soon go viral. Remember to share and like if you are also happy to see another black man stand up to the face of racism in South Africa. This all happened at the Cape Quarter Shopping Centre in Green Point – DA government ran Western Cape.