Welcome to Mzansi-CNX


This is the newest and hottest social networking application Mzansi has to offer. If you are looking for a nice place to meet and and interact with people in specific sectors of SA then Mzansi-CNX has just the right tools for you to benefit from, Mzansi-CNX is all about making the right connections in the right place. We’re new so go ahead and be the very first to put up your pics and share them with the people who are closest to you.

Pretty soon you will be able to join our most exciting feature yet, our private groups which will be by invite only. You will of-cause be able to send us a request to join some of these private groups. Our private groups will be based on different top companies, institutions and special people of interest. Unlike the leading social networks, Mzansi-CNX is all about making connections, not just many connections but valuable connections that might help people with similar interests to get ahead in their fields, share business goals and ideas. Just watch this space and you won’t be disappointed.

Our blogs are only the best of African Writing talent. Our writers are passionate about their topics. Looking to find exclusive content that will enrich any intellectual mind, well, you’ll find it right here on Mzansi-CNX. This website is not only about Mzansi, the whole of Africa is invited, but the buck stops right there, if you are on the African continent, then feel at home.