Khabonina Qubeka on SABC3 Isidingo

Nina Zamdela

Nina Zamdela

If you hadn't heard or didn't watch the show just a few hours ago, Khabonina Qubeka is now on SABC3's Isidingo. Earlier today, the Mzansi-CNX team caught up with Khabonina Qubeka to find out about her much anticiopated début on the popular SABC3 show Isidingo. Here's what it looks like inside of the head of the feisty woman named Nina Zamdela on the show...

Q: So today you're showing up on our Isidingo screens for the very first 
time, are you excited?

My goodness , I'm BOTH excited AND nervous !!! 
Being part of ISIDINGO is a HUGE deal for me , I've loved & admired the show for years! I'm just looking forward to my Twitter & FB timeliness being on FIRE @ 7PM tonight !!! 
Q: What role are you playing and how did you land the gig?

I'm playing the role of Nina Zamdela who is Georgie's daughter "A major Gangster"! She represents everything WOMAN today! She's exciting to play!  
Re: Role - I was contacted by the Isidingo Production Team  LAST YEAR already re: This Role! So I've been sitting with this 'secret' for a while! I feel completely honoured & humbled! 

Q: What is the scariest part of an audition - Does it get better now 
that your are well known in the industry?

Auditioning for any role is great , its thee most perfect platform to show your creativity & versatility as a performer especially when you're well known in the industry, you need to show them the 'other you'. 

Q: One of our readers wanted to know: What will you be wearing?

OMG !!! I have a sneak peek (just for that reader) of my wardrobe for tonight's debut ep. Its a Golden Bling & Black Leathery danger Number ! LOL ! Obviously , the Bling aka "Mcwebo" is inspired by her G' father ! 

Q: You're a great actress and you do other things equally well, which is 
your first passion?

Its like having many kids ... Your favs will change daily! Today you like Kim more , tomorrow , Kourtney is your passion , no wait, tomorrow... Its all about Khloe ! LOL ! 
So in conclusion, they are ALL my FiRST PASSION ! Lol ! 
Q: When did you first know you wanted to become an actress?

The day I was born , I felt it... I knew I was a performer, my mom couldn't agree more ! It was just a matter of going to acting classes, speaking to other actors/ thespians, finding a way in ,  getting acting experience & LOVING it DAILY! 
Q: What was the first show you ever did?

I did a lot of Theatre Productions before I 'Televisioned myself' ! Worked with umam Tu Nokwe, Amajika , African Footprint etc. 
My very 1st Tv show was on Muvhango & I Looooooved that experience ! I learned SO much ! Till today, those lessons carry me through!   

Q: Do you ever perform for theatre and if so which do you prefer?
I Love both equally as they both demand different elements of being an Actor! 

Q: What role would you love to play that you haven't yet?

I want to play a South African super hero!! (Its coming! Soon)

Q: Have you ever played someone of the opposite gender? What was that 

Would LOVE that! 
I better make it happen on my next music video perhaps! LOL  

Q: What is a show you would never do again?

None! I have Loved every show I've ever done! 

Q: What is the strangest thing a role required you to do?

To push a 4X4 over a cliff in heels & a mini skirt ! That was Maxine on "The Wild"!
I Looooooooooved it !!! 

Q: Have you experienced any real life actress's nightmares?

None whatsoever ! LOL ! Wait, what's that?  

Q: Have you ever forgotten your lines, or a prop, or choreography during 
a performance? What happened?

But Of course ! I'm only human... 
Look, The best thing about being an artist / performer , your body & mind goes into auto pilot & after a 'pregnant pause' ... It all floods back to you !

Q: Have you ever been injured on stage or on the set?

YES! I've fallen during my "Gama Lakho" performance , ON TV ! Lol 
Tripped while entering my office on "The Lab"! & fell down doing my 'Kick Ass Karate' scene on my #WaxOnWaxOff Music video shoot with the guys of #Aintelligence. I'm also a huge prankster ! So, If I'm not injured by a misstep , I'll be injured by my own pranks! 

Q: What is something that you know now that you wish you knew when you 
were first starting out as an actress?

When you feel a moment & it feels right , trust it ... IT IS RIGHT !!! 

Q: Is there a particular role that got away? - A role you really wanted, 
but wasn't cast in?

Wow! Quite a few, but then I actually watch that particular show and I  realize that , THAT role was not meant for me indeed!
Most times ... I feel "I dodged a bullet!" LOL ! 

Q: If you could choose, what three actors/actresses would you really 
want to work with?

Al Pachino , Julianne Moore , Angela Basset 

Local : Siyabonga Twala , Shaleen Surtie-Richards , Robert Whitehead ! 

Q: What's the worst and best part about being an actress?

You get to escape & explore life as a different person ... But careful , if you are not able to come up for air , you'll drown!

Q: Why do you think so many aspiring actors end up giving up on their 

It wasn't their dream to begin with ... Because if it was , you wouldn't have given up!