South Africa is not Xenophobic


South Africa is not Xenophobic

How can you cast a whole nation with the same brush. South Africa is not Xenophobic I for one am no murderer and child killer. I have no solutions today. Only to say that the blood of Africans that seep into this Azanian soil is a shame. It is a shame brought about by troubled, demented and criminal minds. This matter by the way has nothing to do with our beloved King Zwelithini, this has all to do with the human conscience of all that picked up a knife and threw a stone.

What South Africa is, is a traumatised soul. A sad, decayed form of a soul by and large. How could it be otherwise? People still wake up at night and smell the tear gas from 30 years ago. When some pass alongside a dog barking, they remember the piercing sharp teeth of a dog set on them by a white racist. Their nights are sleepless as they toss and turn sweating from nightmares of burning flesh with tires around the neck.

Anywhere you look within the laws of South Africa, you will not find even one legislation point dedicated to the hatred of anyone. As I pen this page, people are frightful for their lives, children are missing out on a sorely needed education. Mothers have nothing to feed their kin simply because their sight stirs hatred and violence from demented souls.

Believe it or not, you won’t be able to close your ears to this one. It’s a reality, people are being heckled for seeking that better life they always hear our public representatives mention. Skin torn to pieces as though one was wrestling with a crocodile. People dragged out of their homes and humiliated, beaten dispossessed of their belongings. Black people, only black people are treated with such disdain, not the American or European Caucasians or Chinese or Asians.

It is said we are concerned more with bringing Cecil Rhodes‘ statue down than fear for a fellow’s life. I personally did not bring any statue down, I have never even seen a statue of Rhodes, heck in-fact I didn’t even know he existed except in passing as a name of some University in the Western Cape.

I understand for the first time how some of the Germans that disagreed with Hitler felt. To inconveniently be called a part of something to which you have washed your hands clear. How can you blame every German for the holocaust where over six million Jews died in gas chambers? And now, how can you blame every one of the 50 million plus citizens in Mzansi of orchestrating or having part in this heinous crime against humanity, this xenophobia or Afro-phobia.

Anyway, I bet even those that are orchestrating revenge in other countries against South Africans, those people will only attack black South Africans. It’s the curse of this black skin. It’s the curse of colonialism. How do you expect a child molested, violated, hated and marginalised for over 300 years to act normal for any reasonable period. This country has a brain malfunction at large, we need brain doctors to deal with this and give remedy to so many crisis.