Shake Booty Music Video Behind the scenes

Shake Booty Music Video Behind the scenes

For the Shake Booty Music Video Behind the scenes we later we caught up with Khabonina and asked her a few questions to which she delightfully answered:

Q: What’s the inspiration behind the video?

I was inspired by Africa & its Energy!
We are a moving , growing & inspired Continent & I wanted to Celebrate that using my “Fitness Lifestyle” as a tool!

Beat inspiration: I had been meeting with different producers looking for a specific sound! A sound that combines ‘Africa’ & ‘Energy’! Then, I met my Dream Producer Trompie from Beat machine ! He understood just what I was looking for, a soundtrack for my Fitness World & he created the ‘Shake Booty’ beat!

Q: What would you say is different about this video, in contrast to videos you’ve done in the past?

I always push the envelope with my Music Videos! I believe I’m a Visual Artist and I enjoy stimulating the viewers. Lol!

My 1st Music Video for “Gama Lakho”
Was a romance story of a woman flipping the script by “Macking” on her Prey ‘Him’! – Efpe Senekal
“Bring your Body” was next and it was about bringing your body to me on the Dance Floor! We shot this on the rooftop of the CBD with Natural Light! – Jonathan Kovel
Make Love” was all about Making Love not War! – Josh Hartnet

“We’re Getting Down” was a Party music video shot at a Club! – Bev & Edited by Bruce at Pilot Films

“Wax On Wax Off” – My most my recent work! A Hip Hop Music Video shot at Club Sway ! All about how a girl grows up & is forced to learn self defence in order to deal with the wrath of “sleazy men” ! – Bruce – Pilot Films

Now “SHAKE BOOTY” is different in that, as I had a bigger team to work with, I could afford an amazing talented Passionate director “Kitty” who practically ran the show & I was able to Relax & focus ONLY on performance!
The quality is great, the video breathes, it moves & will get Mzansi & Africa & the WORLD Moving!

Q: How do you think people will feel from watching the video for the first time?
I’m hoping the “Shake Booty” Video inspires Women not only to Work Out, but to have more SELF Love & confidence!
& I hope ‘Shake Booty’ also inspires Men & makes them appreciate ‘Women’, our form, energy & our sensuality even more!

Q: Were there any challenges during the shooting as well as in any of the leading events to the date.
Oh my goodness YES!
Our thought was to shoot the video in Nigel on a desert , open space , the Sun light … But it rained everyday we were to shoot! Lol!
I was looking for specific dancers too for this video! Fresh New Talent ! We had to run a couple of auditions & we eventually ended up with an AMAZING CAST !

Q: Who’s Les B? How did you two meet and what was it like working together?

Les B is an amazing spirit! He works closely with Trompie at Beatmachine! I just fell in Love with his voice & swag on Day 1!
He inspired me so much, I went home & wrote a verse that I felt would fit his voice & the song & naturally, he KILLED it!

Q: What do you think about the quality of South African Music Video productions in general?
I really think South African Music Videos & quality & concepts are improving! Look at the likes of ‘Cara Cara’ , AKA ‘s work, Casper Nyovest , Nveigh , Big Nuz , AfroTaiment, Donald , Bucie !