e-TV Spring Reveal 2014

Khanyi Mbay tallking abou their new show, exe let chat

Masechaba Lekalake, Khanyi Mbau and Refilwe Modiselle

e-TV Spring Reveal 2014

By far, my spring of 2014 has to be the most eventful and significant. This year was quite the upgrade from the regular kasi moves where one is splashed with water regardless whether the person doing the splashing knows their victim, it’s just how it goes down ko kasi. I’m glad I didn’t have to pull out a second outfit this weekend. So e-TV decided to be very elusive and denied any of us the knowledge of where we were actually going for their 2014 #SpringReveal.

First we had to arrive on summit street in Hyde park at the e-TV headquarters in Jozi, and though some people from a sceptic tank company were there to take the executive and celebrity “Shit” as per their company tag line “We take your shit”, lol. We were prepared to travel in excellent style. Custom made party busses were the order of the day, and when I say custom made I mean for you to think Xzibit‘s “Pimp my ride” kind of vehicles.

After we waited for what seemed an eternity we eventually started on our trip which must have taken about an hour and a half.

The e-TV team was clearly having fun at our expense, every time we’d ask the by now tired question, “where are we going?” cleverly the PR lady on our bus would pick the closest landmark next on our way, so at first she told us Diepsloot. I could see people getting worried and ladies clutching their purses just a bit tighter at the thought of one of Mzansi‘s poor communities.

After passing the route to Diepsloot, the question was next answered with the next stop which was the Lanseria airport, but we soon passed that and it became clear that no amount of pleading with her would yield results as the location was a well-guarded secret. Finally we arrived at the scenic Leopard Lodge right next to Hartbeespoort dam, contrary to popular belief though, the dam is not only in Pretoria as I previously thought, it spans kilometres in the direction of Rustenburg, and oh my is it a stunning view. Tranquil and exquisite without all the hubbub we’re now accustomed to in the city and set against another stunning mountain backdrop, we were finally there.

What was the reveal about exactly, well, the highlights were eKasi+’s launching of some new shows this season. Debuting on our OpenViewHD screens soon will be Songololo, Switch where people from different but similar backgrounds switch life roles,Khabonina Qubeka’s new Spina Guluva starting in October and Soweto to Favela where they showcase the daily lives of the people living in townships of Mzansi all the way to Brazil.

Lots of talent from the popular shows on our screens via OpenViewHD graced the event with their presence, the likes of Refilwe Modiesela, the one and only Khanyi Mbau accompanied by a yellow bone dude I’m proud to say looked a matching age with Khanyi. Mduduzi (aka Suffocate of the popular soap Rhythm city), MIA was Khabodacious Qubeka as she was busy with her regular Saturday #Julukment studio session in Rosebank.

Masechaba Lekalake who graced my camera with a few twerking moves accompanied by her gorgeous son who must be no more than three. The brilliant comedian Mr Tall Ass Mo, Amo Chidi who plays Reneilwe on Rhythm city along with her relatively new band “She” as they call themselves. The vivacious Nolo Phiri who plays Niki (ehem, not Minaj tuu) on Rhythm city. Many more celebs were in attendance with Nonhle Thema and the new Musiek Musiek Afrikaans presenter co MCing the pleasantly short keynote speeches from e-TV.

The drinks were flowing and the food was nice but I must say with e-TV I’ve come to expect more with their buffets, the menu lacked variety but the opening performance by the SHE band serenaded our senses and then with a bang, Kalawa Chikita Busiswa Gqulu popularly known for her “ima kancinci” and “Jyva ngathi uzolahla” trax entered the stage with DJ Lady T on the decks. What a performance! This lady has explosive energy, she just oozes talent and I love that she’s full of confidence in her big sexy body, if you haven’t seen her twerk, you’ll have to wait for our YouTube channel video.