C Squared Rosebank Fashion Show

C Squared Rosebank Fashion Show

I’m so tired people. Being a software developer and keeping up with my creative side is really quite the mission. Some of my personal projects have taken a back seat because I constantly need to keep learning and learning.

I yearn though, very deeply. I yearn to write. I love writing. I love putting together a piece of art mediums and mesh it all up with my words #Nje. But the time damn. Anyway, one of these days I’m sure one of you out there will join the ranks of Mzansi’s Army of Writers.

Okay, on to the real stuff, the glorious and the glamorous. Almost two weeks ago now, Mzansi-CNX was prowling the streets of one of the most envied cities of the world and Africa, the one and only Jozi. We were at the Rosebank mall just off of Oxford road very close to the famous Sandton. C2 hosted a killer fashion show.

My only qualm is that there weren’t too many sexy lady models. As C2 is mainly a man’s outfit, with killer outfits ofcause. The two ladies that were modelling still the same clothes meant for men, though with their own feministic touch. They almost made up for the lack of more. African beauties in their black and red bowties, cat walking like the princesses of the African outdoors, the cheetahs and the panthers.

If I was a girl ofcause I would have been quite ecstatic to see the hunks of the night modelling. You can imagine I would be fanning myself with one of those sexy Chinese hand held fans, in an effort to cool myself down. Well, that’s what I am sure I witnessed on the Thursday of the 7th on a warm August evening.

To our fans that feel they have been let down by our lack of bringing you enough material, I challenge you to sign up onto our website, and become a regular author yourself J how about that? Be Mzansi-Connex, live it show it and write it. Enjoy the pics, like and share.