Oscar pleads Mental?

Oscar to mental

Image courtesy of EWN

Oscar pleads Mental?

Could it really be. Did Oscar really just plead mental insanity? Wow, I’m quite amazed that I didn’t even for a second think he would. They must have planned this from the beginning, him and his overpriced legal team. Now you know why Oscar’s defence gets paid no less than 40 000 Rands a day.

The case has gone into recess for a number of days. Now back only for a few days, the defence has submitted this new motion. Judge Thokozile Masipa today decided to send the iconic South African sports hero for psychiatric evaluation. The judge indicated that she may allow Pistorious to be treated as an outpatient next week Tuesday when she makes the final order on this matter.

If things go well for Oscar, he will be found to have “general anxiety disorder”. In which case the final ruling on the case of killing a beautiful Reeva Steenkamp will have been easily won by Oscar. OJ Simpson never pleaded guilty in his case either, yet he did not plead insane either.

It remains to be seen how the heroic prosecutor, Mr Gerrie Nel will deal with this new development in Oscar’s case. What is at the top of my mind is a wondering of thought as to how Reeva’s family might be feeling right now, and most notably her mother who has been seated on the front row observing the proceedings in court.