Despicable Entitlement Issue of blacks in Africa

Thabo Jacob and De Klerk.fw

Despicable Entitlement Issue of blacks in Africa

I had to explain to a coloured friend of mine as he decided to vent about how it pisses him off that “blacks” as he calls us, have such an entitlement issue all the time.

There are many complex issues involved in the running of a country and the living of a black man.

To be fair to a black man, one would have to attempt to have the memory of a man who had lived at-least a thousand years. People think that just because they inherit stuff from someone else that stole that thing being inherited, they are entitled to keeping it forever as they did not steal anything themselves, they got the stuff from their grandpa.

I put it to you though, what would the case be if the initial thief were still alive, as well as the person being stolen from, in our case as the blacks of Africa, our chiefs of old. I propose that none of them would agree that they ever gave any land to keep to any white man, those that were not killed on sight anyway.

Some people want to have the benefits of reconciliation and peace without justice as long as the justice is uncomfortable to their way of life, or just them personally. They agree apartheid was bad but say we should move on and just forget about it already. How can we move one when the injustices of the past are not undone.

Even today, at almost thirty years of life. I don’t even own 1 hectare of the millions of hectare’s on my beloved continent. Do people realise that De Beers stole the land from which it mined and built a conglomerate company? Do they realise that most of the Companies that were listed on the stock exchange in 94 were built on agreements with a state that had no just authority to allow the current riches of giants like Anglo American and others.

The land act of 1913 which is found here:,_1913 is only one example why white people owe us blacks a hell of a lot. They stole Millions of hectares of land and plundered its riches over decades of time immemorial while they treated us so brutally and exploited us to use us as their plundering tools.

They built beautiful houses using resources from our lands, issued flawed title deeds from a government that had legislated the theft of our lands. Creating economies that excluded us and looked so down upon us as to even call us monkeys with lesser brains than them, as some of them think even today. Who’s side are you on anyway as a coloured. I never understand colourds that pretend as though they are somewhat better off than us blacks. 

Let us not lie to ourselves, as long as these racial divisions and cliques of colour are sustained in our society. In Africa anyway, I will remain expectant that the white man pay for his sins of treating my people the way he did and exploiting them and their resources like he did.

We have this entitlement here in Africa because we see where you white people took our resources. You flaunt them at us all the time. In the cars you drive and the inheritance of theft that is passed on from white family to another white family. We are not naive of the evil actions you so vilely used to steal and cheat us of our rightful Gold and diamond.

You killed our animals and sent them off to your cousins in Germany and Britain. We are not naive of the tricks you played on our Kings. Giving people you saw as dumb pieces of mirror in exchange for land. We know just how unfairly we have been treated as slaves as it still happens in the retail stores your uncles own.

The human rights charter has all the laws of how humans should treat each other and behave. The land that was stolen must be brought back to the black man’s descendants. The resources that were stolen must be brought back to the black man. And if your white people don’t like that, why don’t they go back where they came from, you don’t see blacks that have an entitlement issue in Europe or South America or Asia or Australia.

Which part of the world are we “blacks” then supposed to cling to as home away from your hatred Mr white man. Where should we go to find peace and practice the traditions of our forefathers without having to witness you froth while you discover our sacred ways.

As the honourable Mr Gedleyihlekisa Zuma said to his paliament “You will recall as well that the education system was also used as an instrument to ensure perpetual subjugation as stated by Hendrik Verwoerd…”