The beginning of things (Happy 2014)

Beginning of time

Beginning of time

The beginning of things

In the beginning, God Said “Let there be light”, and there was light. That light was love and perfection. God’s creativity as an artist still baffles me even today. I think about whether he hesitated to colour grass green or whether he invented waters’ colour on purpose. I think to myself “how majestic the sight of clouds as the sun sets and rises in other parts.” This is the beginning of things for Mzansi-CNX.

The goal for Mzansi-CNX this year is to continue making inroads into African minds. The goal for the Mzansi-CNX team is to become well known as a connection for the truth as we seek it. Our team’s aim is to become a household brand name that delivers unique stories that really matter to those who read them. We aim to be focused and consistent.

Those that may have already written a few lines of their own thoughts onto the proverbial paper will know just how difficult it is to create a substantial and proper prose. To continually inspire those that read with meaningful words of encouragement, inspirational truths and wisdom’s of many natures.

Mzansi-CNX will be looking to add to its team of writers, be warned though; we are very picky about who joins our ranks. It’s a free publication run on a shoe string budget, so we will be looking for the cream of the crop that use passion as a currency.

Any good work will inevitably get noticed and eventually make a much deserved return on investment, so though one might not immediately be paid for work, it goes without saying that the honour bestowed upon story tellers and teachers has no value, but rest assured, we will continually strive to finally get a stream of funds that will afford you that mortgage and the monthly instalments on your German machine of choice.

Personally, I want to take some time to analyse the datum provided by retailers such as Pick n Pay, Shoprite and Spar, I want to track the prices they enforce on their products as well as their profit margins and stock price as the year goes by, I find it very interesting to know how the politics of consumer pricing goes in Mzansi.

Finally besides the regular stories and pictures that you have become accustomed to in the past two years, we also plan to bring you a lot more video content in the coming year. We’ll probably create our own you-tube channel if we can’t find a better way to deliver such content, from the A list events of Mzansi to simple and regular tutorials on various technical subjects probably mostly in computing.

Alas, we have fitted our backyard photography Studio with the best equipment we could from the few funds available, this year, we plan to showcase a number of Models and wanna-be models, we plan to involve these usually dashing looking specimens in a QnA session where we pick at their brains so you can judge for yourself whether they posess the beauty and brains combination that is usually portrayed as rare. We believe in giving the little guy a chance at a start, picture us giving you a jump start or a push along the road with a troubled vehicle.

If you do have suggestions, questions or any kind of feedback, please don’t leave it till too late, contact our team on