Ashamed of the President (Mandela State Memorial)

Ashamed of the President (Mandela State Memorial)

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Mzansi-CNX put together a crew and headed to the FNB stadium in Soweto on Tuesday 10 December, for the state memorial of the great icon and legend Mr Rolihlahla Nelson Mandela. Quite the auspicious event of the year in its precedence, a glorious and esteemed occasion indeed besides the fact that most of us found ourselves ashamed of the President, Jacob Zuma at Mandela’s State Memorial.

Though I would have expected otherwise, things go on somewhat as per usual with the majority of the country. Tow trucks locally nicknamed “the Sharks” by drivers of Mzansi’s roads continue to operate, busses are ferrying people to and fro, street vendors hustle just like before and worst of all most of private corporate Mzansi is pushing business as usual.

I would have expected a different scenario, I would have thought most private corporates would have organised busses and sponsored the trip to the stadiums and other public memorial locations around the different municipalities. Maybe the street vendors cannot afford to leave their posts, but surely the corporates could spare a few days and Madiba’s to ensure every willing Mzansi man and woman has a chance to participate in our founding fathers most prestigious farewell memorials.

Mzansi-CNX was non the less on set making sure we capture the critical moments of the event as it went. We were present and might have participated in the booing of Gedleyihlekisa as the camera showed his face. An exhilarating experience for me personally. That moment when one finally finds a true peace of hope from the sensibility of the people.

The spirit of Mandela truly was alive at FNB stadium, it is as though his conscience came to life in the collective spirits of the people who could not help but be heard mentioning their disapproval of South Africa’s current shameful president. It felt like Mandela himself became that crowd and at once, could not stand the sight of Gedleyihlekisa.

Soon this man must be removed from that pedestal, and that coy smile be wiped from his honourable face. Such an embarrassment to democracy, an embarrassment to any and everything Mandela stood for. Soon the people must find new heroes like Madiba that will emancipate us all from this fraudulent carnage. The respect of public office needs to be restored. The honour of this nation, that of the fallen heroes, that of Mandela, Sisulu, Hani and Biko must be restored.