The undertones of a democracy

Nkandla Castle

Nkandla Castle

The undertones of a democracy

Jerry and I have been at it again. I must say. I kind of like this regular two way between us. I really feel that it develops who we both are. It makes us both really think deeply about a lot of things, sometimes it even causes me to somewhat change my views.

Jerry says to me that he thinks we tend to be too quick, as a people to respond to the negative. He says ‘although I don’t see how!’ that we are used to the ruling party’s government doing so much good all the time. Sometimes my friend pulls in a few opinions that I am not so sure how they fit to particular issues like that of the ANC having done good in the past in spite of matters that are agreeably negative.

And though they are negative, they are fact, I wonder if he wants to suggest that we should never do anything about any of those few incidents of negativity which are in most cases criminal in their nature.

By this he would be saying certain types of people because of their past greatness are not allowed to suffer the repercussions of their actions. As if to say, if hypothetically. Nelson Mandela happened to perhaps murder, or as heinous as it sounds, rape someone. God forbid! It would be okay to not utter a word of protest because he did such noble and great deeds in the many other years that he existed until now? Like It would be okay to not bring him to book for any of such crimes?

I don’t know. Though my friend makes such a compelling argument as he rants about how these are the founding fathers laying the intangible bricks of our democracy through their own personal wealth. Let me put this to you then if you are in agreement with Jerry: As a people, are we now to disregard, negative traits in a man or woman.

A supposedly humble servant of the people. Are the people supposed to allow such character shady people “Those who do not have unsullied records“, whether they hold the title of cadre or not.

Must we sit by and kiss ass saying Mr so and so is so respectable simply because we respect the great things he did in the past.

We should lock such people out of public office, perpetually, permanently and forever (Note that I am not saying behind state bars as I should perhaps be doing. Because some of what these people did is bordering on criminality – this is an undisputable Fact).

I personally believe that such characters should be shunned from society, certainly barred from any type of future service in public office, not even allowed to interact with the state through private companies as they do, they should utterly and completely barred.

That is my view and thought. This is our democracy and to watch it as I do today deteriorating to such a level. Buffoonery engulfing the airspace of our land mass. Clear and unrelenting theft, plunder without any regard or seeming feeling of remorse. Utter shamelessness.

The argument of the day is that of the looming event of the half decade, that of the voting which the IEC will soon lead. The undertones of our arguments are simply about the simple question of who will you vote for? My friend is vehemently against voting for the EFF. Hehehe, it’s very funny how he seriously detests those of us who have pledged our support to this new controversial party.

And the explanation of this desire to vote for the EFF is simply that I personally feel like I have been backed into a corner by the ANC. Though I have such deep and undeminishable love for the mother party of this nation. though I will always love the bosom of this mammoth institution, I will continue to thoroughly question and mull over the character of those who choose to take up the honour of public office or aspire to.

I guess what Jerry does not understand is that I am not saying I want to do away with the ANC. No! I want to see the ANC succeed. I want the ANC to be the exemplary party that takes care of all of its children with love and honour. Something I think many of our current cadres and leaders lack. They lack honour as does Mr Gadleyihlekisa and many in his current cabinet and beyond.

Perhaps ‘they’ (our leaders) only care about ‘their’ today and their own tomorrow, but I hope they know that the heels have eyes. The history pages have a memory.

And like the dictators of old who made the mistake to think the people would never do anything, some of whom like the Tzar’s of Russia were squashed by the people in frustration and vengeance for all these years of wrongdoing. Like we recently saw the people of Khutsong demonstrate last week.