Slavery Still Exists In Africa

Slavery Still Exists In Africa

Yes, it does. I live it today. I write this article and dedicate it to four men; Bala Mbengeni, Estian Kruger, Jerry Purfz and Samora Machel. I regard these men as the Republic’s soldiers, the men of tomorrow that will take up the arms that were spoken of by King Sobhuza the Second, the King that won wars using the arms of graphite.

The Jerry’s the Samora’s the Estians and others who are not afraid of the truth. The part of the raindbow that is not intangible. May we delight gentlemen on bettering our minds, and accumulating while we have the strength and the will to fight in education like Mandela encouraged. May we seek a better life not only for our intelligent selves but for the millions across our continent that have never known opportunity, nor education.

I do not want us to continue to feel insignificant in the grand scheme of things, especially as black people. We are. Therefore we think. And as we do think, we must exert the fullest pressure on the accomplishment of the aspirations of our young. The aspirations that we had yesterday ourselves. We must accomplish a life that removes the shackles of a life of slavery in the buildings of the 21st century corporate world.

The people’s of my tribes and the tribes of my fathers and the tribes of the forefathers of my uncle’s wife’s cousin, who are enslaved in an economic world that deals in goods and services, a world with no place for “buntfu”. We are enslaved as we are forced to pay for electricity that could be free if we simply used the rivers and methods of technology of today like the Archimedes Screw technique in electricity production.

We are instead enslaved in the aftermath of our forefathers being forced to work in the mines, after their dogs and cows were forced by these foreigners to pay tax with a money system that we did not advocate nor care for. Forced thus to work for the money that these men wanted us to produce to pay for what was already ours. Forced after being cheated on a game we had not prepared, nor could we have, as such a game was presented in a language and using symbols that were such a stretch for us.

We are now forced to leave our fathers’ farms at home, the little farmland the King allows, our beloved cows and the huts, to live in this jungle of the 21st century. Our grandfathers are ageing alone as we are stuck in a stupid office block busy writing Bill Gate’s visual basic and C#, instead of learning the old tricks of my people, instead of speaking to the animals that Jesus has given us dominion over. Now should have been the time I wondered the graves of my fathers and fixed my family’s kraal and ploughed the fields of the King. Because I am an African, and unlike his honourable Gedleyihlekisa, I am “in Africa”.

I am an advocate for peace and fairness. I have argued with these men and deliberated on many occasions with most of them. They have helped me to learn to appreciate their articulation which was clearly without malice, simply mine and their freedom of speech. I have seen and admired how our discussions about the land and mine issue was not taken as a platform to insult and fret with derogatory reproach to remarks that were not agreeable.

Nonetheless, I want the officials of all democracies around the world to know, that I will not stand for a representation of the people by an elected government that is supposed to tremble in service of the multitudes that have honoured him and her with the opportunity to hold such high office of the state, that is instead a laughable shame, that causes me to be despised by the people’s of the continent that I respect and love so, the Masai people of Kenya, the Rwandans and Ethiopians and Namibians and Angolians and Mozambicans and Zimbabweans and Nigerians and Malawians and many of my beloved continent.

I will not stand for a constitution that does not amend to exclude those that have a tarnished track record and questionable character and does not set-up a nation that will guide by council the actions of the ruling minority and test regularly and consistently through that council the calibre of those would be leaders of our loved community. Just because someone can take advantage of the lack of my grandmother’s education, along with the multitudes, by buying them all food only before the election, does not mean such an individual should be allowed to be at the helm of leadership especially if the people find his character questionable.

People that do not know what the effects of taking a shower are in relation to HIV/AIDS should never be allowed to even see the insides of the Union Buildings. They should be barred from public service, not awarded by the institutions of government with castles at Nkandla and the Judiciary with honourable proclamation. Pastors too, should not pray that such people to run the country well.

They should rather pray that they find the sense within themselves to see that they are not the right person for the job and like a true cadre, Mr Mbeki did, step down and be a part of a lasting solution to the incessant crime and pillaging of our treasury that we see today (give themselves up and confess instead of wasting our money on stupid commissions), during the watch of Gedleyihlekisa, but what could one expect?

On the matter of land. All I am saying is that we should not turn into new racists ourselves as blacks, this economic freedom path is treacherous. But I do agree with the simple sentiment that wrongs of the past must be counterbalanced. Like the LNN puppet put it yesterday to a top mine boss, “If you steal a BMW today, you will be forced tomorrow to return it to its rightful owner, so why should the mines and land along with property not be returned to its rightful owners?”

To the nay sayers, that argue “How about working for what you want and deserving something for a change instead of just demanding demanding demanding and expecting hand outs”, I say to you, remember the land act of 1913.

The ones that say “Taking all the land is not a solution”, I say to you, remember the land act of 1913 and also that’s like saying to a crippled man what good is it that I give you your BMW which I stole, back to you while I shot you on both legs.

Land can be rented out or whatever that the rightful owners of the land want to do with it, whether it is a success what they do, or not, is their prerogative. I agree there are many problems not in government but with the bulk of the men and women that the people voted for, still, we cannot do anything about their vote as it is theirs, all that we can hope to do is amend our constitution to bar those who lack in moral standing and have questionable credentials and track records from honourable public office.

Justice must not be served in measures of teaspoons, all and full justice must be served appropriately where it needs be.