BlackBerrys dying throes

BlackBerry-Z10 and Q10

BlackBerry-Z10 and Q10

BlackBerry’s dying throes

Personally I dumped BlackBerry a while back, and with this article some might think I am kicking at BlackBerry while it’s on its last and final dying throes. I miss it to be honest though, but I am unable to say that I can’t leave without it. In-fact, most people are surprised when they see just what kind of communication device I use. A Sony Erricson walkman phone I got a few years ago that cost me close to six thousand Rands or roughly US $600.




Today I am very sceptical and miserly about the prospect of spending another stupendous amount on a new device that may just come out of fashion in a few months. So frankly, I am tired of keeping up with the Gupta’s.

I admit, I am quite envious of my friends and colleagues that I see swiping across their magnificent Samsung Galaxy S4 and Nokia Lumia 925 or BlackBerry Z/Q10 or their magnificent Sony Experia Z and those delicious iPhone 5’s. I would not mind to have all of those devices in my very raw greedy nature.

But alas, I keep to my low maintenance device that is outdated and can hardly keep up with a 21st century social networking digital age. Perhaps a gentle soul will come along and graciously bless me with one such device, but until then, I am keeping a very thrifty eye on my finances and habits as at the same time I try and apply Kiosaki’s principle of making an extra income somewhere, anywhere for the sake of my not so distant short future and that of my kids.

BlackBerry’s Appeal



So perhaps I am the wrong person for BlackBerry to be appealing to as they did just this Monday (14th Oct 2013) in world news papers around the globe. They decided they would reach their partners and customers through an open letter.

Things really look bleak at the old giant smart-phone pioneer company, Reuters reported that BlackBerry Ltd was in talks to sell part or all of the company while they have also announced new massive retrenchments as we call them here in Mzansi(RSA).

Open Letter

The open letter which was published in 30 news outlets in nine different countries, where the Canadian based company appealed to customers and partners to be calm and rest assured that BlackBerry is here to stay.

BlackBerry has been seen as a failure by many industry analysts as its BlackBerry 10 platform failed to make a big enough impact to its international sales. Only recently the company announced that it was reassessing its options and considering selling part or simply all of the company.

BlackBerry For Sale


For Sale

According to Rueters, the company is in talks with Cisco Systems, Google Inc and SAP in a bid to make a sale to either or all of them. Fairfax Financial Holdings seems to have the upper hand though as it has a preliminary $9 per share deal on the table with BlackBerry. Just last week, the company’s top executives and co-founders, Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin confirmed that they were considering a bid to sell the company.

This open letter that BlackBerry has sent to customers was meant as an attempt to quel doubts about the company in light of such events that might cast a could of uncertainly about BlackBerry, said Mr Frank Boulben, the company chief marketing officer.

BlackBerry’s Critical Mistakes

Boulben continued to explain that the company already has 6 million Android and iPhone customers that are pre registered for the launch of its cross platform BBM service. He admitted that after problems with a download of a version of BBM, they were forced to retreat and do further research and testing to improve the integration. He also said that they expected to launch the cross platform BBM service very soon.

Where The Mistakes Started

The company has unfortunately failed dismally to retain the respect and appeal of many of its users. These problems all started in October of 2011 when millions of blackberry users had an internet blackout without a word from these same guys running this open letter now. They appeared to be on some high horse as though they did not care about their consumers, only addressing them many days after the blackout.

The epic blackout according to The Telegraph was what caused many BlackBerry users to vow to abandon their BlackBerry in favour of rival smart-phones.