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Moral Compass

Moral Compass

Of late, South Africa is constantly being bombarded by scandalous behaviour from its citizens, and it would seem on the surface that the country’s people have lost their Moral Compass. Where one would  expect respect and loyalty, instead one is forced to deal with slimy characters that wreath of petafilic behaviour and twisted lust. Like an uncontrollable violent avalanche from Mount Hood at an elevation of over 1100 feet, where exploding from the top of an old mountain, whisking everything in its path. A deep dark immoral cloud stirs above the last country on the South of the African Continent.

The communities of South Africa are plagued by diseased events, events of such a nature that when heard, sound like the horrid scenes of an evil Hollywood blockbuster film. Just the other day I heard as I also witnessed with my own unfortunate eyes, some young girls dancing on the grave of a dead woman. This was no passionate expression of love or grief, this was a pornographic gyration of young women who must be out of their minds.

Only the other day I found out that the statistic is that 20% or 1 in 5 of all men in South Africa have been molested or raped before the age of 16. That means out of the official 52 million people in the country of which half are male 5.2 million of them may have been raped or molested before turning sweet sixteen!! That is more people than the people of Swaziland, Botswana and Namibia combined, all molested or raped!

It’s been many months since a Satanist woman on the other hand, stood at the centre of a stage and performed to entertain a huge crowd of South African citizens at national stadiums, the silly chick who calls herself Lady Gaga. Further, I have also watched as the Rainbow Nation hosted sex worshippers and practitioners year after year at an event dubbed the sexpo in Midrand’s Gallaga Estate. Only a few months ago a group of a few youth were showcased on a motion picture news channel, dancing while simultaneously transporting the coffin to its grave, the coffin in point beholding a dead man on the way to burial.

Just yesterday I heard for the very first time, how a mother of another child managed to intercept a naked photo of a school teacher sent by the teacher to the poor student who and her young child at Hyde Park High School in Johannesburg. This seems to have been the final straw for the community as people speak out angrily against this behaviour and start to genuinely introspect in an effort to figure out exactly why it is that these situations permeate their community.

These are all the bold and daring nuggets of the horrible things currently going on in many of our modern societies. But for South Africa – The current Rape Capitol of the world.It all seems just too vivid, too gruesome and UN-imaginable. As if to add insult to injury, the public is informed that similar cases such as the one mentioned above, (and there are as much as over 230 currently) where teachers have been either convicted or charged with such a heinous crime, “Sexual Grooming – as the lawyers refer to it”

Only a few weeks ago a video went viral on the tubes of the web, the video was of another student, this time with the student attacking the teacher apparently with a broom and beating him while his fellow mates laughed and spurred him on. On this matter even the Education department of the South African Government harshly spoke out against the student, even calling for harsh disciplinary action.

I say it’s all good and well to act out when we suddenly hear extreme cases of erratic behaviour, that in its very nature is unbecoming, even far beyond the boundary of acceptable social norms and standards in any society.

I would like to propose that in a natural environment which thrives upon democratic rule of constitutional law, such as to only be concerned when one shows symptoms of a sickness is folly, the noble and wise thing to do is to recognize during the early stages of a sickness in order to prepare a countermeasure immediately to fight the incessant sickness.

This incessant sickness is the consumption of sex and immoral behaviour of others through media in our social space. We and our children are constantly bombarded with notorious action scenes and bold men and women who strip naked to the international public eye without so much as a look of concern. Shameless behaviour that broods an evil that will surely eventually hold us in a vice grip as it tears and vandalizes all of the fibres of our purity in the make up of humanity. We will surely become the slaves of immoral gods that roam the streets looking for flesh to devour.

For what else would one expect from a nation groomed in watching vicious and violent behaviour on the television. Where a movie is generally considered more interesting when it has all the signs of evil SNVL, the acronym almost even spells SiNVilLe.

I listened only the other day as a foolish old man and a full Anglican Bishop made bold statements against God and his laws. Saying how he would not be interested in going to a heaven where homosexuals would not be accepted. The fact is, our social machinery is lacking something critical at its core.

When pastors give the go ahead for a new Sodom and Gomorrah to coexist with and be encouraged as acceptable in our communities, with a foolish belief that God is stupid and we need not his silly rules about sodomy, and when kids dance naked and drunk on the graves of the recently dead, when they dance on the streets with dead people.

When children beat their elders to a pulp, seemingly for fun, and commend each other for doing so while they laugh at this clever jeer, and when those we entrust with the honour to shape the minds of the young engineers, policemen, firemen, pilots and doctors of tomorrow take advantage of this sacred platform of teaching and try to solicit sexual favours from our children in order to gratify their sick and twisted lust of our pure little humans of tomorrow.

When these things happen, one surely truly should be at the brink of an unknown disaster in the league of the phenomenal.