Rape in South Africa

Rape in South Africa


Why, the first thing that comes to our minds as soon as we think of such a horrendous act as rape. According to women’s groups, a woman is raped every 26 seconds in South Africa, though the South African Police Service may differ by 10 seconds, estimating that women are raped every 36 seconds in SA. There is no question that it is a crude thing to awaken the mind to such a horrid fact. Though I am a man, I have sisters and nieces. I have aunties and grandma’s out there. Dare I even think my own mother, wife or daughter may one day have to face such a horror?

Back to the question: Why?

Why is it so prevalent? Many may say this is an elusive question. Is it really though! Why does a man rape a woman? I suggest that we might be more of a loveless nation than we would like to think. I would like to suggest that the failure for so many of our people to find romance for whatever reason, this failure may in fact be the reason that the men without love decide to take what they believe to be theirs by their God given superior strength. It is not so far off to think that once we were a primitive people here in the South.

Perhaps the laws of the wild are still ingrained in our DNA. I also propose that many people may not have very much to lose. The disproportionate allocation of resources, of land and of the effectors of self-actualisation within our large SA community cause many people to feel they have nothing to lose. Better to be caught stealing that punnany and know I will be afforded a hot meal daily in my new home that the British Queen’s language terms ‘prison’. Many people are stuck on variations of drug as well as alcohol abuse, a sure defence some might even use as a defence strategy once standing trial in a court of law.

Only just 1% of the people raped in SA will report the offence to the police. People seem not to report these abuses for a number of reasons. Many reports allude that the social behaviour among our South African peoples is due to the practices of apartheid, I would quickly agree as well. What will become of us though, where will this mess finally take us? What with all of the HIV prevalence in South Africa.

Perhaps people need to climb the ladder of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, if our black pause… and white brothers and sisters are all stuck on the very first level fending for air to breathe, food to eat, water to drink, sex, sleep homeostasis and excretion. If people continue to see the rest of these levels like, Safety, Love/Belonging, Esteem and Self-actualisation as a distant dream.

I believe we will continue to have this problem. What a pity that even though acquitted, the number once citizen is president and his fame claiming moment of all time has got to do with a rape charge and seemingly stupid remarks forming his defence.

I propose that we need leadership, leadership that will engage all of our minds as we utilise 21st century technology to alleviate food shortage and job lack through permaculture. Not this raucous.