Reality Check for our Mzansi Divas Review 1

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Reality Check for our Mzansi Divas Review 1

On the 24th of June, just a couple of months ago, Refilwe wrote a piece about the then upcoming show “Reality Check“. At the time the show was due to premier on e-tv’s prime Saturday 6pm slot. Our readers revealed from their feedback that they were a bit sceptical about the true intentions of the show. In this Reality Check for our Mzansi Divas Review 1, I go through a few thoughts about the show from a bit of research I did.

Today (As I write) I’m watching the 6th show. I’m not convinced to be honest. This show is more about the glitz and glamour, it’s more pretentious than real as our american brothers would put it in their ghetto lingo. What the show really presents is three very sexy young women that are loved and admired by thousands perhaps millions of viewers.

Today the three stars and divas were on some mission to push purple whatever that means. They started off by interviewing some gay men that were saying how tough it is to live their lives. Nonhle and some Mika gay dude had had some fights in the past and were seemingly faking a reunion. The only reason these two were seemingly getting along is because they had to have a shoot and finalise their project.

Khanyi says it’s so difficult to be famous, Babalwa keeps making flirtatious remarks “I like it from behind” she says to some guys as they go over some ideas on the computer. It’s difficult to even understand what the show was about today, something about how to respond to bullies.

The first episode bored one lady I interviewed about the show. She says in some shows they seemed to be helpful to certain communities, I remember they were part of a feeding scheme in one community. I can’t help but feel that this is one of those pretentious public outreach programs celebs go on to seem to be charitable. The vanity is profuse and the some of their shows feel quite vague.

I thought both viewers and the three divas, were in for a real reality check.The reality check we seem to be getting is that this is yet another typical reality tv show, about celebrities and the who’s who of our society that can get the ratings up. I’m also getting exhausted of the teary scenes, it’s as though Khanyi and her friends have a well of tears on standby just to get our emotions going.

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It remains to be seen if there will in-fact be any change from Reality Check as our Mzansi Divas have yet a lot more episodes to go. What I would like to know is how others feel about this show. Let’s have at them and tell these upper echelon member of high society exactly what is on our minds about their show. Do you think there is hope, can they steer the show in a different direction or do you simply think they have been on the right track from the start?

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