The Z10 to save the company


The Z10 to save the company

I said I’d watch them closely. I did. I really watched them closely. The new company going under the name BlackBerry is not really doing well by my hearing. Does this phrase really ring true, “the Z10 to save the company”? Will it really? My goodness I am a BlackBerry Technical Trainer you know. I was employed by Blackberry, at the time they called themselves Rim, I had to look over the consumer market and listen to what was said about their valued brand.

I went out just the other day and saw the many BlackBerry consumers and distributers that gave me an insight as to what was really going on in this priced industry. I’m really disappointed to report that I have nothing nice to say about blackberry. There’s really nothing or hardly anything aside from the blackberry hub that I have heard from the community of developers that I know.

People on the ground that have not really had the chance to play with the Z10 are really anxious to try it out; they have solid faith in the brand. I unfortunately feel that they will also be disappointed as I have been told by Telkom Mobile personnel that the device is being returned. In one of the sales agent’s words: ”the device is being returned by its droves!!” She told me in no mince words that I should stay away from that phone.

I then asked around and the things I heard from people in random places were really ignorant especially from people that have not had any experience with their new device. I was told to go to a web site called gsmarena, where she was sure I’d find a lot of disgruntled comments from current users of the Z10. I didn’t go, but I decided I’d take the weight of her comment.

I’m really not willing to spend 7000 rands only to find that the prized possession is not worth the Madiba’s printed on the paper. I’d much rather go with the Android device that advocates for open source software than the device clouted by such a heavy dark cloud. The one guy I spoke to while waiting to get my Steers burger said how much he hated his Samsung and wanted to try out the Z10, I wonder how he will feel after he gets it if he does. I think I’ll just go and buy an Android device. It’s settled.

At some point I was even considering going with the 9320 with its cheaper price tag of about 2400 Madibas. Well, let’s just say I almost went that low with my loyalty. There’s not much to say for the Nokia devices either. They too are just not faring well with user sentiment, especially with developers. Android seems to be leading the pack with a vengeance. I must say iOS is also quite the trusted masterpiece as well, it seems Mr Jobs left us with a relic of a success story in his legacy.

PS:This article was written four months ago, does it still ring true today?

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