Madiba and Nation fighting for his life

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Madiba and Nation fighting for his life

On day 21of hospitilisation, as the sun was setting, yet the crowd seemed to be still growing. People hovered around as though they expected Madiba to let go of this life and enter the next at any moment. Both Madiba and Nation fighting for his life as we are united by a spirit of love. 

A man that I can only guess to be a pastor addresses the crowd and speaks about Desmond Tutu coining the term rainbow nation, he goes on to talk about earlier days when Madiba saved the nation from the evil and hateful system of apartheid (which by the way still lingers in certain corners of Mzansi – More on that on another day.). He leads the crowd and Nation through a prayer for Madiba as the multiple channels here capture the moment give him air-time. 

Truth be told though, each day that the Nation awakes with its founding father, we are grateful to God for his life, regardless of our differences. Even more important we have hope that our hero and icon will live for many more years to come.

It is business as usual for many though, hustlers are doing what they do best selling Mandela merchandise outside the hospital to well wishers and mostly other international journalists and tourists. Celliers street has been closed off and to show that a senior statesman has been admitted, a small police force is on the field ready to go to action should they need to.

Journalists from all around planet earth litter Celliers street where they have set up their mobile studios with very sophisticated equipment and really powerful looking satellites and other things I cannot make up.

A team of journalists that were on location surprisingly South African and from a company called FC Hamman films in Brynston, had their RC multi copter fitted with advanced camera equipment confiscated by the police some minutes after they had collected their content. I caught up with Carl (the quad copters backup pilot) and Timothy (FC Hamman’s son) who explained that they’d been flying on the outskirts and not actually above the hospital so were befuddled as to why their device had been confiscated by the police.

I overheard a lady officer admit to her colleagues that she had noticed the flying gadget moments earlier but neglected to think it could cause any potential violation or security risk. Speaking moments after they had captured the man in charge Mr (FC Hamman) and taken his RC multi copter. The police laugh it off as they already have the journalist and his gadget in custody.

I am amazed yet not surprised at the attention that so many South Africans and international citizens are applying with such focus to the elderly statesman. A truly beloved hero, the father of South African reconciliation. As Madiba fights for his life, a whole nation holds its breath in prayer and hope. Prayer that God’s will be done and hope that Madiba lives for a couple more decades.

Children born post the first democratic election in South Africa are also here with their parents to deliver flowers and messages of hope and love. I do a quick search on twitter of Madiba and to my bitter surprise, I come across a particular comment under the twitter handle @FreddieSmuts made on the 27th of June and I quote “#Madiba I’m gonna have a huge party when the old terrorist dies…”.

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Are we living in the same South Africa or is this guy somewhere in Pluto living alone? I go through his profile briefly and soon find out that he has a few other friends with similar sentiments. They even have a YouTube video with propaganda about how Madiba orchestrated terror from his cell in Robben Island, painting him as a murderer and such other slander. Such a man should be brought to account in my opinion – or does this still fall under freedom of speech and expression?

Today is the 8th of August and just yesterday I heard on the news that Rolihlahla has gained consciousness. Could it really be, after so many days, the old man is still alive to the surprise of many. I bet some of the journalists that have flown into Mzansi just to catch a glimpse of the drama post ‘dare I say his death’, have now gone back home. Disappointed that nothing happened as they had speculated. I say good on them, I’m also sure they have spent millions setting up their sophisticated mobile studios with fancy equipment.


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