Reality Check for our Mzansi Divas

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What do we get when Khanyi Mbau, Nonhle Thema and Babalwa Mneno star in a TV reality show? Reality Check! That is the name of e-TV’s new reality show starting on the 6th of July 2013, starring three of Mzansi’s gorgeous divas.

I’m pretty sure that a lot of people are thinking here’s another reality show that is going to be showcasing the everyday live’s of these three Mzansi socialites, all the glitz and glamour. But this reality show is far from that.

This show promises to showcase a different side to all that we are used to.The three socialites/divas are going to be hard at work with tasks that are designed to focus on giving back to the Mzansi society and also to cause a positive difference in the lives of ordinary people.

I can’t wait to see this trio in action and hopefully out of their comfort zones. According to Etv’s Channel Head Monde Twala, Reality Check was created with the intention to illustrate that there is more to life than the infamous lavish lifestyle that is always portrayed by these stars and others.

Twala says: “This will showcase a different side of these ladies, a side that is devoid of the frivolity of usual reality shows which depict celebrities doing nothing but going about their day to day lives.”

I personally say big ups to e-TV for creating a reality show that is not only about celebrities and their glamorous lives. But one that is about touching and changing the lives of Mzansi’s ordinary people. As an ardent fan of reality shows, I cannot wait to see how the three divas are going to work together and accomplish their tasks of helping others without clashing too much with each other.

There is bound to be a lot of tension caused by the mingling of these big egos in the same place, remember, these are Mzansi’s top divas, will they survive? We’ll just have to wait and see. This is going to be a reality check not only for the three socialites, but for the whole of Mzansi.




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