Technology and Social Media


Technology and Social Media

The CEO of R&S Consulting Mr. Farhad Mohamed said something at an annual conference this year that caused me to do some serious reflection, not only about the direction that technology is taking, but rather the direction and effect that technology is taking and has on us. He was quoted saying “the more technological we are, the more impersonal we have become”

The powerful statement he made, caused me to think 10, 15 years back when a lot of the technologies that we thoroughly enjoy or can’t even live without today were nonexistent. I pondered of the days when it was a great achievement and source of pride for many to have a phoimagesCAT7XT34ne with Bluetooth and a simple VGA camera (we weren’t talking pixels those days just yet).

As great and powerful as technology is becoming day by day, the opposite is happening to human beings’ relation to one another. People have become or are becoming fickle, impersonal and rather proud in a putrid manner. I can’t help but think back to a time when technology wasn’t so advanced, when my Siemens A52 could only make calls and texts (no BBM or Google talk, and certainly no WhatsApp).


Airtime was a scarce commodity for a grade 11 me, I would long to have meaningful conversations with people close to my heart, but that wasn’t an easy task.

Because of the technological revolution spurred on by the likes of BBM, Google talk, and WhatsApp  among the multitude of choices people have, people are fast mutating into this cold “staring at my smart-device so don’t talk to me attitude” the art of one on one interaction is alas going extinct. As easy as it has become to get hold of each other now, folks find it hard to simply engage in meaningful conversation with those around them.


I just don’t get why people are always, always on their smart-devices, frankly I also feel that it is rude. I’m the first to admit guilt as I should, but how does it make sense that one is always on the phone trying to talk to someone that is not there. As soon as that person is physically present, they bore you so much you need to find someone else on your contact list to have a chat with?


Probably not bore, but for some reason you seem to be expressing through your actions a need to be elsewhere – Make up your mind people.

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