The Haves And Wants More

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The Haves And Wants More

We are all guilty of being “The Haves And Wants More”, most of us anyway. Humanity today is in an overwhelming majority guilty of wanting nothing but more. Something is wrong, as though a great disease has engulfed us all.

One thing we should never forget is the fact that God has put us where we are (Especially us so called Christians). No matter how tough it may be, no matter how difficult others may make our lives or how unbearable it seems.

God has rightfully given us the position we currently hold. It is so important to realise and understand that without God we may even lose the little that we are usually quick to scrutinise and feel is not worthy of our intelligence or even skill-set. The world has to hate us, it must, otherwise his words were in vain.

I smile everyday at the hatred that I have to endure on a daily basis from my white counterparts, whether it be on the roads as I drive to work or there at my beloved workplace and at the malls that we are so fortunate to now be allowed into as black people. I can almost touch the hatred from some of them, but I never retaliate because I understand that I must be the light to them as a true Christ Lover, a believer and a servant to the most High God of gods and kings and slaves.

We must keep our eyes on the prize, Calvary may have come and gone but there is more to come. Where we are going there will be no thought spared to trauma, negligence, hatred or despise. Like the children of Israel looking at Moses’ staff while there were snakes everywhere on the ground, we too must keep our eyes steadfast on the Lord as our shining beacon of direction.

Everything may seem so small but in contrast to having nothing it is so much more. Our problems and those of the poor are so far apart, we get to complain that food is too hot, and they must complain that their stomachs are growling from a number of days’ worth of emptiness. We get to complain that we don’t have petrol to get to work and the poor merely wish they had enough for a taxi fair to their destination. Perspective is the greatest teacher of humility.

I challenge anyone to drive through Diepsloot on your way to Randburg’s opulent Fourways and truly look deep into the eyes of poverty that glare at a future so adamant about hopelessness. Then the next time we want to complain about our own situations in our precious lives just take a trip down memory lane to that very moment when you looked deep into the eyes of misfortune.

My purpose in writing this piece is not to cause despair, much rather the opposite, instead of our intrinsic nature of greed, let us take a moment every once in a while to think about just how blessed we are and truly come to appreciate what we have instead of concentrating so hard on that BlackBerry Z10 or iPhone 5 or Galaxy this and Galaxy that we so desperately must have.

Word for today: HUMILITY!!

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