SABC1’s iLifeStyle Hunk Deejay Rhee

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SABC1’s iLifeStyle Hunk Deejay Rhee

I was preparing to log off at work and hit the road on a Friday afternoon, when a colleague and friend of mine, literally hooked me up on the spot with an interview with SABC 1’s Mzansi Fo Sho iLifeStyle hunk presenter Rufus Moremi. Who is known to many as Deejay Rhee from a Soweto TV talk show called Dlala Ngeringas.

The SABC1’s iLifeStyle Hunk Deejay Rhee then finally joins me for our on-the- spot- one on one interview that my colleague haphazardly arranged.  He is wearing a pair of blue jeans with a white t-shirt and white sneakers, looking very composed and in charge, with a winning smile on his face. We exchanged greetings and sat down for our chat.

I ask him to give me a breakdown of who he is and what he is about, he tells me that he was born and bred in a township called Grasmere in the south of Johannesburg. He explains to me that he is an ambitious guy who wants achieve and bring about great things in life. You can tell from the way he speaks that he is a philanthropist at heart.  He believes that you don’t have to be the richest person on earth to make a difference in a person’s life. You can empower people using your God-given talent and whatever little you have.

A lot of people myself included weren’t aware of the fact that Rhee’s debut was actually not on Soweto TV’s Dlala ngeringas, but SABC1’s YO-TV (Wildroom). I was really moved by how he got his first presenting gig. What happened is that he used to hang around the SABC studio, where he met Sbu Leope  well known as DJ Sbu. DJ Sbu then introduced the young ambitious Rhee to a number of influential people in the entertainment circles. And was kind enough to mentor him up to this day .  He also encouraged him to try out presenting and sign up with an agency, which landed him in YO-TV’s Wildroom.

There is no doubt that Deejay Rhee is a determined young man, not only is a presenter on two different shows. He is involved in a number of community outreach projects; he speaks fondly and fervently about his involvement with DJ Sbu’s not for profit organization SLEF (Sbu Leope Education Foundation). He works hand in hand with DJ Sbu to empower learners from disadvantaged schools, by giving out bursaries to deserving learners and motivational talks. SLEF’s vision statement is self-explanatory: “Aims to uplift the importance of education by meeting the needs of those disadvantaged schools nationwide.”

Deejay Rhee is also involved with another outreach called From This Point Foundation (FTPF) founded by the thriving young author Collen Nxumalo, where they together do community outreach work involving schools.  Doing my research on this hard working youngster, I came across a term that he has coined “PENCILING”. So I asked him what “penciling” means.  He revealed that it simply means excelling and giving it your all in whatever you do. I hope this piece on Deejay Rhee will cause the multitudes of young people in my beloved country and continent to want to strive for excellence and be the best they can be in all they do.

Catch Deejay Rhee here every Thursday 6:30, Mzansi Fo Sho.

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