Big Brands and Their Evils

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Big Brands And Their Evils

A couple of years ago I wrote an e-mail to Sony Ericsson (Never sent it though), at the time I was using a very troublesome but stunning looking phone which I still have the displeasure of using. Such are the evils of big brands.

My W995 died perhaps twice and Vodacom replaced it both times. My issue is the lack of technical know how with their staff and the seeming big ego stance not only Vodacom technical staff take when they assist the consumer from their triple one call centre.

My issue is the lack of respect and a sense of coherence from companies like Virgin Active when they follow up a query on an account in arrears, I personally had a bad experience after speaking to the manager at their Eco-Park branch after one of their employees had given me a receipt for something that later turned out to not have been paid for even though I had given him my debit card to charge.

Weeks later it turned out I was still in arrears and now had to start all over and try to sort the dabacle as though time is not money! (In their favor though, they did give me a month off free for the nonsense they had caused).

My issue is with big companies like BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia and Samsung charging twice as much as they do in big rich countries like America all the way here in poor Africa. Where is the sense or logic in all of this doing.

Blah, blah, blah import taxes etc, make a plan, this is Africa for crying out loud, where are we supposed to get so much money for these things. A classic example is the avarage 300 – 500 dollars these companies charge for a top end device in America and then you don’t get the same device for less than 7000 rands (777.78 dollars) if you are lucky in SA.

My gravest issue is the ill-treatment of employees and tight leashes applied within working environments like Massmart. I unfortunately had to even pull an article I had done and put up on News24 a few years back (confidential reasons), about an issue my close friend and college buddy had where she was outright racially discriminated against and had to live with such an injustice as well as witness such as it regularly happened from time to time.

I guess once in a while one needs to vent. Ask any phsychiatrist and I’m sure she’ll concur. I’m tired personally of being bullied by big brands. Why must I complain before service improves, is it not a simple matter of common sense and integrity. I truly feel sad for the masses out there that have no voice either because they are afraid to execute their rights or just don’t know what their rights are in 21st century South Africa.

We are all thankful for what our forefathers did in emancipating the black man from imperialist rule throughout our beloved Africa but unfortunately not all of us reap the benefits of this new progression in our society for whatever reason. Play nice big guys, the little guys are humble, and in the words of our beloved Shower President – we take time to move but when we move as a collective, we have the force of an elephant trampling all in our paths.

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