South African Road Users

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The evils of South African Road Users

Driving on the roads of South Africa and more especially driving in the City of Gold has to be the most fascinating activity anyone can ever experience in their life time. South African road users are by far the most enthralling drivers in the world. You come across all types of drivers, and each driver brings to the road his or her own flavor to the whole driving experience.

It is a real jungle out there; one will find the good, the bad and the taxi drivers… As hectic and as scary as it is to drive in South Africa, there really are some good drivers who know exactly what they are doing on the roads. Such are people who really know their road signs and how to apply the rules of the road, which makes our roads a safer and happier place to be. There’s also what I call the bad, which include; “Hesitant drivers”, “Oblivious drivers” and “theSlowies’ on the fast lane” these are all explained briefly in the following paragraphs.

The Hesitant Driver is the type of driver that is not very sure of the road signs and the other rules of the road. He or She looks for validation from other road users, for example if they get to a four-way stop first instead of moving off at their turn like the rules apply, they won’t move an inch unless somebody gives them the go ahead. Now imagine if both drivers are depending on each for confirmation to move off¸ end result? Disaster! Many a times I have witnessed this kind of hesitation, which usually results in drivers almost crashing into each other because they both finally moved at the same time.

The Oblivious ones, these are those that drive like they are the only ones on the roads. They have no care as to what is going on around them. Such could be driving while applying make-up, chatting on social mediums or even having a full blown conversation with their smartphone device of choice stuck to their ears and others who just seem to be in la-la-land. Traffic lights would turn green and such people won’t even notice it. The danger with these kinds of drivers is that if anything “God forbid!” were to happen, they would not be able to react as quickly as someone that is fully attentive to everything on the road.

The “Slowies” who love the fast lanes, I’m not sure if these drivers know the difference between the fast and the slow lane. They will be unashamedly cruising on the fast lane, probably to them a lane is just a lane there is no fast or slow one, or perhaps they are just very frightful of any change on the road, changing lanes probably seems very dangerous to them. This can be very frustrating for other road users that know what the fast and slow lane are used for and how to use them. SA’s road users need to at least have the knowledge of which side is the fast or slow lane, a simple and straight forward fact!

I just had to save the best for last; I call them “The self-made Kings of the Roads” yes you guessed it right our very own taxi drivers.  All the road evils you can think of were invented by taxi drivers for taxi drivers. It is almost like they were all licensed to give every  road user a hard time. Every driver I know doesn’t want to follow or be followed by a taxi driver on the road, beacuse one way or another they are bound to give one a headache. Oh and the bullying, apparently they are the only ones allowed to cut lanes, drive on solid lines, move off when the traffic light is red,etc. It is absolutely crazy and downright dangerous what taxi drivers put us all through. I hope by some miracle that taxi drivers change their evil ways on the roads. One because it is the right thing to do and two so we can all be safe and in harmorny with one another on the roads.

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