The Great Fall of Nokia and BlackBerry

Nokia 5110

Old Nokia 5110 Phone

How the mighty fall – The Great Fall of Nokia and BlackBerry

Nokia was a market leader in it’s segment of the IT industry for many years. Five years ago this company from Finland was worth 90% more than what it is today. To have lost a value of 90% on it’s share price is a mega serious problem, one fitting that I may even title my article “The Great Fall of Nokia”. I am somewhat moved by their massive loss over the years only because I am fearful for all of the repercussions caused by their downfall, namely that many people all over the world will have consequentially lost so many jobs over the years as a direct result.

Sadly I witnessed some of the losses of jobs  through my colleagues at the time when I was still A BlackBerry Technical Trainer for RIM through subcontracted Darest SA.

At the same time a part of me is not moved though because Nokia gives me the feeling that they have not been paying particular care to listen to their clients and I am happy this is not something I feel right to say about RIM/BlackBerry today. Nokia’s old useless Symbian operating system was a horrible love hate affair with their consumers (I unfortunately was one of the many disgruntled users of many of their devices as well).

I say good riddance and good decision dumping it for Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS even though in 2009 the company tried to breath life into the OS by making it open source, I say too little too late. It was useless because it never gave one the sense that there ever was any progression any serious innovation. Sure there may have been improvements from their primitive 5110 compared to later devices of the 2004 – 2008 era which was their most successful period.

The major reason I think Nokia stagnated in their product development is that they developed a somewhat arrogant and cocky attitude (Something I have a feeling BlackBerry and even they have finally started to move away from – Perhaps because of humble pie), thinking that because they were the number one at the time, it was unlikely that they would be moved from their number one position. Let this be a lesson to the number one’s of today.

The Timothy Cook’s and Larry Page’s of Apple and Google Android respectively should learn from the mistakes Stephen Elop of Nokia and Thorstein Heins of RIM now reinvented “BlackBerry” have made in the past as RIM too once was a Giant and pioneer in the mobile industry. These companies have both made similar mistakes in their making of devices and running of their companies, they failed to listen to the consumers.

An Old BlackBerry 6230

An Old BlackBerry 6230

I am still yet to see a BlackBerry Device with a simple radio and not that app world streaming uselessness as my fiancée would put it (a simple feature that is a must for much of the SA and African population), though in their favour they have finally brought out what some people (especially myself) have long been anxious to use, an 8MP camera and a really sleek user interface through their BlackBerry 10 devices. Nokia is lucky to be partnered with Microsoft because otherwise, I’m sure there’d be quite a distant memory by now.

It’s funny how the top guys are either completely open in their source and OS and the other is completely closed but makes such great decisions that resonate with their users that consume anything Apple as though they were in a great cult.

I wonder exactly where these great new devices are focusing. Either on the great big pie of money as it would seem, and I only say that because I am fearful of BlackBerry/RIM’s highly over priced devices as I am sure the majority of my fellow countrymen here in the Republic of South Africa would see it.I think many people would like to purchase a new Nokia Lumia 920 or the Z10 or my personal favourite the Q10 from BlackBerry, but let’s face it, this is Africa, money does not grow on trees here as my dear mother would put it. I wish these companies well non the less as I understand the effects that might all have on the creation of jobs etc, through their success.

Finally I say to both of them and even the top dogs Google and Apple, be wary of the consumer and listen fervently to all they say lest you be abandoned and be left to the purchasing power of the hyena’s out there.

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