Sexy Girls at Hush in Rosebank

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Sexy Girls at Hush in Rosebank – Boy did we dazzle the night!!

It all began with a mysterious invitation from a mysterious French guy. Yes, I said French guy, I’m actually tempted to write the whole article in French. But then again I have to keep in mind that 99.9% of my readers are non-French speaking. Oh Quel dommage! I knew that this gathering was going to be out of this world with us Sexy girls at Hush in Rosebank, the moment I finished reading the invitation.

On behalf of those who weren’t privileged enough to get an invitation to this gig. The invitation said we are requested to join a lovely friend of ours to celebrate her the 24th birthday. I’m not just referring to her as lovely, because she is my friend. My friend Thotse really is a gorgeous, fine babe, I kid you not. Uyababa umngane wami! –English translation: “My friend is HOT”.

The surprise party started at the splendid and classy Southern Sun Hotel in Hyde Park. The scenery was a very posh and elegant one; our table was set with the finest silver cutlery, candle lights, different glasses for serving different beverages. A table fit for Queens, we were served a mouth-watering three course meal. That left everyone well satisfied. I personally think our table was the loudest as it was filled with laughter and just good old conversations. The birthday girl added to our noise when she announced that she has gotten herself a brand new metal baby. All I’m saying about her car is that it was nominated for car of the year 2013. My girl don’t play like that (in an American accent)! She be rollin’ in a powerful chocolate brown KIA RIO.

After an exquisite dinner at Southern Sun Hotel which felt like a five star International hotel, there was yet another surprise awaiting my friend. I swear she didn’t see this coming. She thought it was over and done with, when we all acted as though we were going home. Little did she know that her surprise party was continuing to one of Rosebank’s finest night clubs HUSH. The VIP section had the pleasure of our beautiful presence, where we all got down to all kinds of sexy beats. The DJ’s tunes were as though he knew what we wanted to move to. Oh boy did we get down; we literally danced the night away. It was a phenomenal night.

It would be an injustice not to mention the great efforts of my friend’s significant other which made this event an overwhelming success. Once again happy birthday beautiful Thotse!! Thank you for allowing us Sexy Girls at Hush in Rosebank live out a night of such great fun and dance.

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