BlackBerry Z10 Launch in SA

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BlackBerry Z10 in SA – Released

BlackBerry Z10 Launch in SA pretty much went great,  well, as with everything Blackberry usually does, there was an element of secrecy on the night. My source received an e-mail informing of the launch which was to start at 18:00 for 18:30. I only saw the email at around 18:40 and as I was in Centurion at the time of seeing I rushed there immediately after seeing the mail. Doing speeds I will not put on the record for my own safety, I got there to the sounds of sexaphones playing Soweto String Quartet’s Imbube so loud one could hear it upon getting onto the grounds at Vodaworld, sushi being served along with some other exotic delicacies I am not so sure what to call.

BlackBerry really pulled off a great show, even offering attendees there free alcoholic beverages. They also had sexy models in grey body paint on stands showcasing the Z10 in their hands – dummy phones but they made it look good. The cherry on top for the first 300 consumers at the last minute unscheduled event was that they received with each purchase of the Z10 a return ticket to anywhere in South Africa. I was almost tempted, except I can’t afford it. It was a great  BlackBerry Z10 Launch in SA, everyone enjoyed it.

The greatest feature they were highlighting on their new device was the face detection software on the camera application, a neat little feature though I don’t really feel like it’s new as I’ve seen a Samsung take a burst of shots and allowing you to chose the picture you most like. One of their field marketers let me play with the phone for a while and he informed me the highlight of the Z10’s specs is its 2GB of ram and 1.5GHz processor, I was impressed with that no doubt. The only way to get one is via contract for now, beginning at about R399.00. A bit on the steep side for most, have a look on this website for more details: Telecompaper.

The whole team from the Montecasino office (That’s where RIM/BlackBerry SA is based) was there, busy texting away probably to their family and friends as they probably had to be there until about 10:00pm to see through the whole event. Much to my surprise they had a very humble and energetic celeb there as well, Mr Stevel Marc who agreed to take a couple of pics with my fiance who was just dazed by his uhm… Everything perhaps! Tall hunk of a guy I guess every chicks dream dude, but I ain’t going to hate, the guy made me look like a dwarf, though I think it’s mainly his big afro, lol.

We had a great time but walked away without any devices for ourselves, I shall most certainly be writing to Santa this year with my request for the device that is still yet to hit South African shores, the Q10 which happens to be my personal favorite as I am a die hard old school fan of the touchy feely keyboard which I think is a signature of the BlackBerry stable. That’s how it went down at BB’s BlackBerry Z10 Launch in SA.

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