The Oscar Pistorius I thought I knew


He is known to many as “The Blade Runner” and “the fastest man on no legs”, he has stepped on numerous racing tracks including the Paralympic Games in 2004, London Olympics and Paralympic games. Proudly representing South Africa, he proved to me and many of my fellow countrymen that physical disability is not something that should stop you from achieving your dreams in life.

It is with no doubt that Oscar Pistorius was the embodiment of inspiration, one of the inspirational quotes he lived by was that “You are enabled by your abilities and not disabled by your disabilities”.  Like many South Africans I was shocked to learn that one of SA’s finest athletes has allegedly shot and killed another human being. My heart sank with sadness and disappointment.

My whole body shivered and in a matter of nanoseconds I was literally covered with goose bumps. In retrospect, thinking just how close I once stood next to a man who is now in holding cells awaiting a bail hearing makes me sick to the stomach. According to SundayWorld, the “Blade Runner” has been formally charged with the murder of his late girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

What baffles me most though is how this whole matter is being handled?  A person died, a beautiful young woman and model by the name of Reeva Steenkamp. Public opinion slash sentiment points to a specific person as the perpetrator of this horrid crime. Oscar’s family is adamant that he will dispute the alleged murder “in the strongest terms”. .

Oscar’s family also pleaded with the Public to refrain from commenting and allow legal proceedings to take their course – and I wonder if any of the comments from the public would interfere with proceedings and if so in what way! Put plainly we all need to be quite and not say a thing. So in other words, for their benefit we must forget our right to freedom of expression and freedom of thought until such a time as and when they see it fit that we can now say a word or two.

Published pictures of the alleged shooter cupping his face in the doomed hands crying at his hearing caused so much commotion. It raises suspicion that publishers of the photos surrounding the hearing are soon to be under attack from Oscar’s lawyer. As Citipress puts it in their article . My knowledge about the law may be limited but I have never heard of an instance where photos of an accused murderer in court were the subject of litigation.

The local hip hop start comes to mind, Mr Jub Jub. I remember as his fateful case was splattered across the media without any objection from his lawyers that I know of. What is it that Oscar’s lawyer wants to hide really by refusing the distribution of such pictures, if the man has nothing to hide, then let him be put on trial in the open so that we the public can make our own conclusions as we see fit.

It is interesting that all of these matters are suddenly out in the open, especially that bloody bat that was found at the scene of the crime. Even worse are the references to how Oscar enjoyed breaking the law driving his super sports car at over 250KM/hr and keeping guns as well as a machine gun in his house. I smell a rat here and am going to be like a hawk on the outcome of this story. I want to know all the details especially as it already seems the man is receiving special or preferential treatment after Magistrate Nair also alluded to this fact.

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