Guru Girl Takes South Africa By Storm!


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As I researched the content for this article, I felt somehow guided by Beverley Burne, owner of Guru Girl on what road to take. Not in a dominating way, but in a safe way. The funny thing is that she did not even say a word to me on how she thought the article should go. She just presented who she is, and who Guru Girl is. I suppose this shows that Guru Girl really lives up to her name.

That’s how you can describe Beverley: That warm, safe person you can have hot chocolate and marsh mellows with, a food fight and some fun. I almost want to draw up a set of questions for Guru Girl, I respect her as Beverley’s partner. I shake my head, “that’s silly”, but it’s fun to explore that road, so I let my hair down, and start the Guru Girl adventure. Join me, it will be fun.

I was introduced to Guru Girl on Facebook. It looked so fun and I did not want to miss a second of whatever this strange looking character was telling me. She was so active and so full of wise, fun words. I was intrigued, then I found out the good news, someone had made her into fashion! Before then, a brand had always seemed like a snobby, over-expensive printed name, but Guru Girl has made fashion an adventure and one that not only stick thin models can wear too.

I got to have a chat with the inspiring Bev Burne about her spectacular brand.

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Where were you when Guru girl came to you?
Honestly speaking, I woke up one morning after a long pity party and thought “Guru Girl” … I knew that my new business was going to be called that,(for the past 30 years i have worn a bindi so i guess i was thinking “all things eastern!” … I didn’t know what the business was going to be!  When a graphic designer e mailed me this sweet sweet girl, i knew exactly where i was going!

What’s your constant inspiration for Guru girl?

My daughters are, in fact,true Guru Girls! They inspire me beyond beyond actually. Whenever I am stuck with a concept or a design, either Jordyn or Colby will come up with the perfect solution! Otherwise they will use a word and get it mixed up, those words have become a part of the Guru Girl Dictionary!  I have allowed myself to receive inspiration from every aspect of life. It is a decision really. In other words, If I meet an amazing peep or something fabulously magical happens to me, I am fueled to include it in the upside down back to front world of The Girl (as she is now affectionately known) alternatively, if I am faced with adversity, I often wonder … how Guru Girl would handle it? She became my little imaginary friend through extreme adversity in my life. She became a little person who was always the same … never fluctuating and would always give me the best advice whenever i called on it! Sounds crazy but it’s true.

What other avenues will you take Guru Girl?
The only way i can begin to answer this question is by asking you to see Guru Girl as the “thinking peeps Hello Kitty” So, knowing that, it becomes almost infinite when you think about it. I have learned that everything is in divine and perfect order and that all of the lists and lists of products and ventures that I have made will all roll out when the time is right. At the moment i feel ready to tackle the cartoon and comic strip aspect of Guru Girl. That is my current medium-sized project! In-between seasonal developments of accessories and apparel and product development and stuff.

How do you celebrate any success of Guru girl?
Hmmm interesting question! I must confess that I celebrate the small successes of Guru Girl by allowing myself to move onto the next Guru Girl Project! It seems nuts, but every sale and every compliment I receive about the brand, gives me permission to take things up a notch! I am a non drinker and non everythingerist so i am not a party-girl. Celebration of all things in my life has taken the shape of a “bursting with pride and joy” kind of feeling which begins on the very centre of my solar plexus and radiates outwards!The best part about growing this dear dear brand is the confidence that it has inspired in SO very many peeps! This is an exceedingly rewarding part of the process.

A lot of her inspiration is attributed to her supportive soul-person, Mark Phillips.

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Bev added some wise words into the mix:

“I know like i know two “verrr’” important things:
1. That each and every dream will come true if you allow it to.
2. That fear will always meet and greet you half way.

Therefore downplay fear and upscale daydreaming! That’s my rule and i stick to it as rigidly as possible ?

The mind is the most powerful tool in the history of ever so use it carefully xxx”

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To add to the feel good of this fabulous brand, it is designed, made and distributed in South Africa, or as she describes the “Made on the Eastern Edge of Africa”. Now I just need to tell you about the cherry on top. This brand is clothes, accessories, greeting cards and something extra fun – Tee bags! Not drink tea, but a smart idea made from a possible fashion disaster! Beverley made a bag from a botched batch of t-shirts she had ordered, paid for and got! This creation has been a fantastic success, and a comfortable one too.

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I think about Guru Girl’s mantra, “hugs do heal”, and “Belonging to the cloud appreciation society does not cost a cent…” I let myself be captivated by these words of wisdom and start thinking about my own existence. Embracing one’s imagination and making a success can not only put food on the table, but nurture your soul.

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