Party Time…

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Party Time At Fountain Valley Pretoria

Saturday the 9th of February was my best friend Yoliswa’s birthday celebration and she did it in style. She was almost turning a quarter of a century, so nothing less would have been expected of her. Oh yes that big 24. Oh boy did we all have fun! The setting was Fountain Valley in my favorite city in GP (Gauteng) – Pretoria. The celebration was an intimate gathering among her closest friends. For those who are not familiar with Fountain Valley this is a place where your inner child comes out literally on the playground. Fountain Valley is a big place with lush green grass everywhere, swings, a marry-go round to take you back in time, slides which were my favorite for the day and a huge swimming pool if you want to get all bodied and cozy with your person in public.

I have to say as attractive as Fountain Valley is, what was most heart-warming was the look on my beautiful friend’s face, the whole time she was at her cheeriest, you could almost feel and see it. She had a permanent smile on her face; one could easily tell that she was genuinely glad and grateful that her closest friends were there to help her make her day as special as she is. The day was truly special, among good people, jiving to some good music, having good food (thanks to a special someone who took his own time to make that possible,*wink*).

Laughter was the only acceptable order of the day, no one was without a happy face, it was as though it were Christmas the way everyone was so merry. I was filled with empathy when I saw the almost tangible joy on her face as I presented her with gifts, she thanked me with a warm hug as well as those powerful words every person in love will be hoping to hear this month, “I love you my friend”. That just made my day, I am a sucker for love and all things cute, and such a moment! Words cannot be found to express my feelings. I was delighted that she was delighted.

Captured in a small but powerful 14 megapixel Canon camera, which I’m very fond of by the way. And that’s all thanks to this tiny but powerful gadget which I won from #Bona-Magazine. We will all be able to look at these beautiful pictures and remember the good times we had as though it was yesterday. I played photographer for a while, but my love for being in photos forced me to give up that role just so I could also strike a few poses with my friends. Oh and did we bring it on in front of the camera, switching from one pose to another. We killed it and had fun whilst doing it.

The day was a perfect sunny day, this enabled my girls to strut their stuff and show some lovely skin. Sexiness was in the air, hair done, nails done and even the mixture of expensive perfumes was all around us. The boys all over the park were trying to zoom in on all this beauty as though they were primitive predators, all the more because with the passing of time, most of them were getting tipsy and feeling all good and invincible. There was one or two good looking guys there of course, all my single ladies enjoyed all the wooing especially because we are in the month of love.

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