Awaken my people


An old friend recently saw a post I had made on Facebook.  I had put on my Facebook status “Julian Assange – My hero, my mentor“. So I guess he probably googled the man and after finding out who he was, well let’s just say he was inspired.

Julian Assange is one of the greatest hackers of our times. He is the founder of the infamous site a website dedicated to exposing secrete documents. I personally like what these guys are doing on the site, risking their lives they expose the corruption, the violence and the many faces that our governments hide behind. I have seen some many horrific things from wikileaks, innocents being killed just for the fun of it by American soldiers, indecent remarks by government officials and diplomats about many of the people they either consider allies or enemies.

The Scientology manuals that reveal just the kind of nerve wrecking and squirmy details about the goings on within the organisation. Things to be prayed about. It is very important that people know their own surroundings. Too many of my own people are sucked in by the terrible effects of their daily routine that steals time from them being at the workshop or doing something truly worthwhile. It is important to know who your government is, what they really think when they think they are in public, especially if those things are down right illegal and harmful to society.

We may all feel like we are nobody in the grand scheme of things, but it is important to realise that we are much more than that. It is so important that we take back our abilities from television, our capabilities and experiences. Gradually slowly it can be done. Lest our destiny lay on the wrong hands, the hands of the big men and women bloodied by the innocent blood that has been drained by their eloquent tongues giving out horrific orders, or giving orders to other men to give orders whilst those men have a parched thirst for human blood. The way I see it, Hillary and all of those other VIP politicians are specifically responsible for the grotesque killings that have gone on during their watch.

Our world is a sick and dirty place, but I see hope on the horizon  I see a bright light of peace and stability. I have been preaching this message to anyone that will listen, Permaculture is the answer to all of our problems. If we can use our very hands to make our own food using the land that God graciously gave in plenty, not one soul would ever go without a meal. Many idle hands too would find so much to do if we got off our lazy tv couches and got to the working to produce for our own selves, not because we want a salary, but because we are all partakers in the stakeholder-ship of being fed and housed. Let us mold our existence with our own hands and create the old garden of Eden.

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