The comeback kid.

BlackBerry truly deserves that title. I have been watching out with squinty eyes to see what exactly RIM slash
BlackBerry would do with their next release. BlackBerry 10 was unveiled in New York less than 4 days ago, after
all the tantalizing sneak peeks they’ve allowed over the last few months. Many of us tech junkies have been
waiting for this one with quite a build up of anticipation.

Let’s face it, we all know that BlackBerry has had a lot of trouble the last few years. From once being the only giant smartphone company in the world. BlackBerry is somewhat fighting for its life, it has to reinvent. I’d hate to have it rebranded by Microsoft or Google, the fact is, if Mr Heins and his crew at the icy palace HQ in Waterloo can make really good decisions to mantain the service level as if it were massaging a contract with a huge corporate client that demmands 99.9% uptime. Give consumers what they want. A solid rock of an OS in terms of reliability, responsiveness over time and build a trust with clientele where quality is concerned.

Generally people love their BB’s they are just tired of their batteries giving in. They are tired of seeing that dreadful clock watch when the operating system is failing to respond now!!

At their launch, Rim announced that they would also be changing their name to BlackBerry, a reinvention of some
sort, clever move if you ask me. I am particularly setting my sights on the Z10. Unfortunate as it is, MTN staff
confirm that they are only now about to go and get training for the new devices, they also make known to me the
official date of availability is March, whether it is at the end or beginning of March is unclear.

It is not a particularly good move the way I see it. The South African Market deserves to get the device as early
as the UK’s and Canada based consumers do. They won’t even tell me what the devices are going to be selling for. I
dare say I hope they are not overpriced. If BlackBerry can manage to keep a nice tight leash on the pricing of
their latest devices, I am sure they would be up for a serious rake in of funds from the South African market who
almost have a cult like following of these devices.

Now as many critics have put it the battle will be for the third spot on the market share pie. Microsoft after
Apple and Android are probably crossing their fingers that this one fail but I am very doubtfull of such hopes as
no doubt BlackBerry has developed a number of haters along the years. It remains to be seen if the Developers take
a keen interest to pumbing their coded apps into App World and what incentives BlackBerry will dish out to entice

And like a hawke, I’ll be watching this space to let you know what happens next.


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