The Magic of Morne V

If you want to hear an album full of surprises, sit down and take a listen to “Internal Dialogue, Universal Emotion” by Morne V!  This highly talented producer and DJ has taken electronic music fused with emotional acoustics to create music that gets your own internal dialogue going.  Morne V (otherwise known as Fayde or on the psychedelic trance scene as Trysinogen), began his electronic music ventures at age 16, as a DJ he has appeared alongside artists such as:  Marco V, Steve Angelo and Dave Armstrong, as well as local artists such as Dizzy, Deepgroove, Lady Lea, but I have seen him do solo sets perfectly on his own.  I have been in a crowd, where Morne V takes peoples’ breathe away and has them dancing the night away!  Finally, one of South Africa’s biggest and most talented secrets is out.  Morne V!

When asked about which DJ’s play his work, Morne said, “As Morne V, none really, my electronica stuff is more the “listen to while chilling with your mates” kind of stuff. My psy-trance alias, Trypsinogen, however has a few tracks out there that has gotten played by many DJ’s across the globe. These tracks can be found on the annual Karana (the label I co-own) compilations titled “Highveld Bohemians” which I compile every year.”
I asked Morne about his featured interviews, and he responded: “I have been featured on local radio station, RSG, where they played three songs off the album and I did a live interview. It was a truly surreal experience listening to the show and the next moment one of my songs came on.  I posted the interview on my soundcloud page for those who want to hear how it went down. You can find it at  I hope to do many more fun interviews (like this one) in the upcoming months”.

I went on to ask if he had scored films or video games, and he replied, “The track on my album called “I will never see the rain again” has had incredible success in TV land. It featured on a cooking show on BBC called “Cooked in Africa” which aired in about 132 countries. It was also the theme song for the Chevrolet Cruze TV ad campaign which was a big hit! I love doing music scoring for film, years back I helped a good friend out, who was studying film and directing at wits, with an entire original soundtrack for a short film he did which was in the same vein as the soundtrack for Fight Club. So really twisted electronica stuff. I would love to do more scoring for film, its one of my true passions other than rocking out in front of a crowd.”
When asked about his inspiration, Morne responded, “I draw inspiration from everyone around me really, situations and people all give me what I need to write my music. As for the artists that inspire me there are quite a few. Imogen Heap, BT, Yoav, Hybrid & Chicane are just a few that come to mind from the dozens of artists who do incredible work. I also draw an insane amount of inspiration from my girlfriend of four and a half years, who also features as a vocalist on one of the tracks off my albums. She is the one who keeps me grounded and never lets me lose sight of my goals.”
And in response to when I asked him about what other genre’s of music he would experiement with, he said, “Well, for my electronica stuff, I definitely want to experiment more with music that will make people move and dance a bit more. I won’t keep to a specific genre but it will incorporate a lot of rhythms that will make people want to move their bodies. As for my psy stuff, I am just going to keep on writing tracks that I will play out and that I know will get the crowd stomping.”


Morne has built a strong partnership by Teknotribe and has maintained this partnership. He is a trained Sound Engineer, and also studied Classical Music for seven years.  It is no wonder that the album “Internal Dialogue, Universal Emotion” (IDUE) emerged from this talented artist.

He released this album for free.   The track “Show me who you are” displays Morne’s work using a powerful bass sound, as well as brilliant work with vocal mastering.  “I wish it didn’t leave me here this way” (Featuring Roxy Klein) gives way for various interpretations I found, as I asked many people to interpret what they understood the song was about, creating more of that  dialogue.  To appreciate the whole album, I suggest you download it.  With the album, comes the e-book, with beautiful artwork, making this album an adventure, not just a listen whilst it plays in the background.  With recording and engineering done by Vaughan and Mark Phillips of Audio Matrix, it is no wonder that this album has received the attention that it has.  It’s musical perfection!

Morne V is going places, keep an eye on him and get to his shows!

Below are when his next shows are:

Events up and coming so far:
Teknotribe feat. Absolum (France) 04/08/2012

Underground Sound presents Twilight II 27 – 28 October 2012.07.07

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