Tanz Expands!

As an artist, I know the one venue that artists can always rely on for a successful gig, good sound, and no nonsense, it’s Tanz Café.  Imagine my joy, when I got a message from Grant saying “here’s your tickets to the opening of our next venue”.  I was thrilled!  I started thinking of my outfit for the occasion, until I realized, it clashed with an appointment I had already.  So I ran a silly little competition on Facebook, and sent my fans!


My one guest messaged me as the evening progressed.  In true Tanz Café style, they were taken care of, given food and drinks, and a great night out!  Everyone who was anyone was there, and rightfully so.  Tanz Café probably put them where they are today.

The main attraction of the evening was Just Jinger.  The sound was superb, the food was amazing, and Tanz made their guests feel right at home.  People were anxious to move those tables out the way and dance.

I cannot wait to enjoy years of music there, and perform on the new stage!  Congratulations Tanz, here to you!